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COPACS Invites you...

Sidney Bee
COPACS Invites you...
by Sidney PAC - Monday, 7 October 2013, 12:17 PM
Hello Sidney Parents!
Please find attached some upcoming events hosted by COPACS. We would like as many parents coming as possible!  

The 'policy 1100' night is very informative and interesting and ENJOYABLE!  ALL parents are welcome!  Please plan to attend!!!

 Also, please RSVP ( for either event so we can pre-plan refreshments and table space, thank you! 

Heather Carley,

COPACS Diversability Representative


 Proudly sponsors

Interactive Math Night

“This is an informative, practical, and interactive session for parents. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for parents to gain a better understanding of current math curriculum and teaching. Talented district staff with Math expertise will be volunteering their time to meet with us. All academic levels will be addressed in appropriate grade groupings.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 @ 7pm


Open to all SD63 Parents and Guardians





An Invitation for all PAC Executive and Parents of SD #63


 Invites you to attend

The annual POLICY 1100 Meeting

Bayside Middle School (1100 Newton Place Brentwood Bay)

 November 6th @ 7:00pm 

This is an annual meeting hosted by both District 63 and COPACS. School Administrators, trustees, and district staff will be in attendance along with PAC executive members and parents. Our hope is for as many PAC executive and parents to attend this evening as possible!  In addition to learning more about what’s going on at the district level, COPACS would like to provide an opportunity for PAC executives to meet, mingle, and share their triumphs and expertise. Our goal is to bring involved parents like you together to network and reach out to one another to help our PACS run more smoothly and effectively.  We look forward to seeing you there for a great evening!