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Jump Rope for Heart Day - Friday, May 17th

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Jump Rope for Heart Day - Friday, May 17th
by Terry Rankin - Monday, 13 May 2019, 2:25 PM

On Friday May 17th Sidney will be participating in our Jump Rope for Heart day.  This skip-a-thon will be an all day event where each class will have an opportunity to practice their jump rope skills in the gym. 

This is a great opportunity to reinforce healthy habits, get kids active and practice social responsibility and helping others.
We are encouraging students to wear red or hearts to represent our heart health, love, and our commitment to our wellness.

We will also be collecting donations to support research and education for heart disease.
If you can please bring a loonie or toonie this Friday! Thank you to our PAC for kindly donating oranges for this event!