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School Supplies

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School Supplies
by Sidney Elementary - Monday, 25 June 2018, 9:30 AM

Dear Sidney Elementary Families,

School Supplies

We believe in having quality school supplies for every child in each classroom. Instead of you purchasing individual supplies for your student(s), we are requesting a payment to the classroom teacher once classes move to their new division of $45 per child (cheques made payable to Saanich School District 63) which will cover the cost of supplies. From our past experience we know that supplies traditionally cost families from $50-$90 per child and we believe we can save you money and be less wasteful over the years.

Our philosophy is that we share everything in our classrooms and we can use things more than one year. We will buy only what we need for our class and in bulk when possible. We will purchase the highest quality, so we do not have to keep replacing supplies. We will also ensure that supplies are the same for all students.

The Sidney Elementary teaching staff strongly encourage you to choose this option. You can, however, opt out of paying the school supply fee and choose to buy your child's supplies. A copy of our required supply list is at the office or on our website at /.

If your child leaves part way through the year, we would return a prorated portion of the money that you sent in for your child's supplies.

If you are unable to purchase supplies due to financial hardship please contact me at


Tom Vickers