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World Teachers' Day - Thurs Oct 5th

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World Teachers' Day - Thurs Oct 5th
by Sidney Elementary - Thursday, 5 October 2017, 10:23 AM

We have one of the best education systems in the world -- primarily due to the efforts of the people working every day in our schools to enhance student learning and growth.  Certainly, our entire district plays an important role in that success -- teachers, support staff, administrators, district staff, parents and the community.  We all work together to provide outstanding opportunities for our students -- thank you.

Thurs Oct 5th is the day we specifically recognize teachers for the critical role they play in the success of our students --  teachers are critical in the process of building student self-confidence, specific skill sets and feelings of self-worth.

I wrote my most recent blog post about World Teachers' Day, taking some time to reflect on a number of my own teachers who made a significant impact in my life.  You can find it HERE if you'd like to read it.  

So, today I wanted to express my heartfelt thank you to all of our teachers -- for the time, effort and passion that you put into your work.  You are appreciated.


Dave Eberwein
Superintendent / CEO - School District #63 (Saanich)
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