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PAC Information to Families

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PAC Information to Families
by Amber Sebastian - Tuesday, 24 January 2017, 11:51 AM

Dear parents & guardians,

We have some fabulous events coming up at Sidney Elementary School! These activities are fun for our kids and help raise money to fund many programs and initiatives at our school. Of course, we couldn’t put on these events without some help. We know families are busy, but a few hours of volunteer help from parents is essential to raise money successfully for our school. We’re hoping you’ll sign up to volunteer at a couple of our events this year - it’s fun and a great way to meet other parents!

NEW online volunteer signup!

Check out our new online volunteer signup system - it allows you to easily sign up for upcoming school events (next to the opportunities listed below, you’ll see the SignUp Genius online link).

All volunteer opportunities (and tons of other good things to know!) are listed and updated regularly on our Facebook page ( We now have 222 parents staying connected with us via Facebook...and it’s great!

Upcoming volunteer opportunities

FEBRUARY 23 - Family Movie Night!

For Family Movie Night, we need a superstar parent (or two) who’d like to oversee the event. As far as organizing events goes, this is a really easy one. All you have to do is make sure the volunteers are in their places. Plus, you get to help Mr. Vickers choose the movie!

We also need 7 volunteers at the event to help with a variety of things from 5:15 until around 8:30.

Sign up online for Movie Night:

Movie Night is a super fun, community-building event that we truly hope everyone wants to be a part of. The kids look forward to it every time!

MARCH 4 – Music Bingo Night!

Music Bingo Night is an incredibly fun night out for the parents and teachers. Lisa Duong has graciously offered to help with the silent auction, but this is a very big job, and she just cannot do it alone. Ideally, a group of four or five parents – even friends – will help her organize the silent auction. With that many hands, it will be any easy job, and it will be quite rewarding! This job involves cataloguing, storing, and auctioning the items for a very fun fundraiser.

Sign up online for Music Bingo - Silent Auction:

Stay Connected!

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Thanks so much!

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at: