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Press Release: Additional Funds Not Enough

Sidney Bee
Press Release: Additional Funds Not Enough
by Sidney PAC - Wednesday, 13 April 2016, 9:53 AM

Notice to Members - Press Release
April 11, 2016


Additional Funds Not Enough

Parents are grateful for the additional $28 million announced for BC schools by the Minister of Education but know more is needed to stop serious service cuts and school closures across the province.

“Faced with unanimous criticism over their per student funding allocation in March, the BC government has now placed a band aid on a gaping wound,” says BCCPAC President Nicole Makohoniuk.

School districts throughout BC are facing the financial consequences of the government imposed administrative savings plan, increased salary costs associated with government negotiated contract agreement’s and resourcing implementation of the BC Education Plan.

At stake is the quality education of BC’s students, who face school closures, program cuts and an uncertain future.

“BCCPAC asks the Ministry of Education to fully fund negotiated salary agreements for all employee groups and put monies into resourcing the BC Ed Plan to its full potential so that our students may reach theirs. Investing in public education improves the economy, population health and develops the intellectual, social and emotional well-being of our youngest citizens and is fundamental to BC’s economic future. Downloading these and other costs to school districts will only hurt the education of our most precious resource – BC’s children and youth,” says Makohoniuk.

BCCPAC is the voice of parents for the best possible public education of all children in British Columbia.

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