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District Budget Meeting - Parents Welcome

Sidney Bee
District Budget Meeting - Parents Welcome
by Sidney PAC - Tuesday, 8 March 2016, 10:14 AM

< a letter from James Taylor, COPACS president>

Hello everyone,

Please remind your parents of the upcoming Public Budget Meeting on Tuesday, March 8th, 7pm at Bayside Middle School.

I cannot overstate the important role parents have in creating and maintaining a successful and healthy public school system. A system that benefits and meets the needs of not just school-aged families but the broader needs of society itself.

It is important that as parents, and as citizens, we understand how a healthy and functioning public education system benefits everyone and that we all are responsible for that system. It is important that we have a basic understanding of that system and how it is designed, how it operates.

I am very proud to have my children go to school in this district. In my 10 years of involvement with this district I have continually been struck by the professionalism, passion and dedication of the people that work in our schools. From the people that work face-to-face with our kids all the way up the structure to our elected trustees. These are people that care about our kids and the work that they do and go above and beyond everyday.

There is a point where they can only do so much. For me the recent media attention about the Bayside Middle School roof highlights this dilemma. Our schools, and our district, are part of a bigger structure that is funded and paid for by public monies. It is not our teachers, our principals, superintendent or even our elected trustees who determine how much of our tax dollars are spent on public education. These are political decisions made by our elected officials at the provincial level.

Here is where you and I come in. If we care about our kids, if we value a healthy functioning public education system then we need to engage in broader conversations about what our priorities are. We need to educate ourselves to the current fiscal realities facing school boards across this province and find our voice. I know this sounds daunting but the first small step could be simple as coming out on the 8th, listening and joining the conversation.

Yours for the children...

James T.